Crack the Code

Let's face it...professional standards classes are not exciting for most people. Learning the procedures can be even less exhilarating. Leigh is an energetic, knowledgeable speaker who has a true passion for our Code of Ethics.  Let her show you how the code can become a tool in your quest for success.


Broker/Manager and Agent Coaching

Leigh has been a general manager for a three branch real estate office, a regional manager for a 20 branch firm and is still an active, producing agent.  

Your business is a business and you should treat it that way.  Are you planning?  Are you investing?  Are you setting and accomplishing goals?  Are you growing or dying on the vine?  If you don't get excited about your answers, you need Leigh.


Need a Keynote Speaker for your next event?  Leigh loves to talk to audiences about:  

Building the Right Culture in Your Organization, Team or Group

Defining and Being The Leader You Want to Be

Recognizing the Nobility of Your Career



Ombudsman Programs

These programs are equivalent to an informal mediation.  This gives possible complaintants and respondents the opportunity to work it out before a formal complaint is filed.  It's important to have systems in place with trained volunteers as this is different than the full mediation process that we are familiar with.  Many associations have found that the Ombudsman program leaves both sides happier, saves relationships, saves the association money and puts a positive impression out there for the public. That's a win, win, win, win!