Talk about Leigh...

“Appreciated today’s presentation and your insight. As experienced in years that I am as well as attending many CE classes I have never taken a course like yours and I learned “ a lot”(if that is a correct phrase).
Thank you.”
Constantine “Dino” Konstans Illinois: Thoroughbred Realty. Florida: Sun Realty USA
“I have worked with Leigh York at the National level for years. Her ability, talent, and enthusiasm are needed in the REALTOR® world. She truly can make a difference.” Ronnie Thompson, 2004 President, North Carolina Association of REALTORS®
Leigh York became affiliated with our company in February, 2003, when we merged with her Broker in Weatherford, Texas. From that day forward, she has been a shining star in my eyes, as she should be to our entire industry. As I thought about writing a reference letter for Leigh, my first thought was HONEST, bare bones honest, then start adding courageous, loyal, visionary, fun, thorough, and we can keep going. I became even better acquainted with Leigh the day I took a course in Austin, to be a better real estate
instructor and Leigh was there, too. It was so evident to me that she knew our industry and what was the right and wrong both in the treatment of clients, in the legal issues that can arise, and in her desire to impart what she had learned from childhood about our wonderful industry.

Leigh has been instructing in our company on various subjects all these years since 2003 when we can schedule classes in between her other teaching commitments around Texas as she has made so many loyal fans in other real estate associations and organizations. She was heavily involved when we revamped our in·house training program several years ago. She became a certified mentor for Brian Buffini’s Peak Producers and hosted classes for our company.

She served as an Assistant Manager in 2 of our most productive offices and still remains on call with all of us, including myself, for legal and/or contract questions, and is my backup if I have to miss teaching my Legal & Ethics classes. As she has worked in the offices, she helped with all sorts of training needed for sales meetings, impromptu sessions, etc. I was absolutely thrilled when Leigh was appointed to the Broker Lawyer Committee of the Texas Real Estate Commission as she will be a
practical and level headed influence.

— Jan Fite Miller Executive Vice President Century 21 Judge Fite Company
The Greater Providence Board of REALTORS®, Northern Rhode Island Board of REALTORS® and Rhode Island Commercial and Appraisal Board of REALTORS® cooperatively retained Leigh York to present Professional Standards Training (October 10, 2018) to their Grievance Committee Members, Professional Standards Committee members and Boards of Directors.

Leigh was engaging and did an excellent job helping our volunteer members to understand the process from beginning to end and how their actions build upon one another. My members walked away with a renewed perspective of this crucial REALTOR® Association service and their valuable contributions to the process. Comments on our post-event survey included: “Leigh is a wonderful instructor” and “She was easy to follow along with!”

Leigh was on point in communicating and preparing with me in the months prior to our event, and I highly recommend her training services.
-Suzanne Silva, RCE, AePRO, PSAT
Chief Executive Officer
Greater Providence Board of REALTORS®
Northern Rhode Island Board of REALTORS®
Rhode Island Commercial and Appraisal Board of REALTORS®