The Forms You Need to Know – This is the best contracts class you’ll ever have unless you take it twice.  We’ll look at the basic residential contract and some of its nuances.  We’ll also look at ways to use other available addenda to forward our clients goals.

TREC Legal I & II – These are the two legal courses required by the Texas Real Estate Commission for license renewal.

TREC Broker Responsibility – This is a 6 hour course required by the Texas Real Estate Commission for all license holders who supervise other license holders.

GRI Contract Forms & Procedures -  REALTORS® are subject to many rules; this piece explores the operating or brokerage environment of the REALTOR®. It discusses office policies and rules set by the broker that the agent must adhere to. It covers the independent contractor agreement which outlines those rules and clarifies the relationship between the broker and the agent. What’s more, it addresses communication and other policies, as well as the importance of keeping accurate records and maintaining files. It explains the need for errors and omissions insurance, and the necessity of an agency policy to determine how to handle various client scenarios.

GRI Buyer & Seller Services - The seller services day includes comprehensive strategies for working with sellers, including prospecting, the difference between property value and property price, preparing and staging property, and marketing listings. It provides a thorough discussion of the listing agreement and addresses seller disclosure. Further, it reviews best practices for listing appointments and presentations, covers property salability, price adjustments, relists, and relocation services.

GRI Professional Standards & Brokerage -The professional standards day of GRI Real Estate Brokerage sets the tone for the course and provides a thorough review of the NAR Code of Ethics. The Code is the keystone of professionalism, protocol, and best practices for REALTORS®. Additionally, this day examines the ethics complaint and enforcement processes established and implemented by the Texas Association of REALTORS. Further, this section reviews case studies that assess actions and violations in everyday situations. The aim is for students to leave with a deeper understanding of the guidelines they work within.

Crack the Code Series- This is Crack the Code on steroids! More fun and more information. This course satisfies the NAR Ethics requirement and gives very basic Professional Standards Enforcement training. It's great for all members and especially those new to the Professional Standards or Grievance Committees.

Overwhelmed and Underknowledged - What to do and how to do it! Some expert advice on how to handle your real estate business without feeling overwhelmed and underknowledged.  How do you optimize your time? What to do if your buyers are feeling remorse? This class will teach you how to prevent the pitfalls of inexperience in your real estate business. 

Aces & Eight’s - When it comes to negotiating, what are you holding in your hand? Your cards should include understanding the psychology of it all and identifying what is truly important to both sides. Get your ego out of the way and learn your poker face.  A lack of these skills will lose the game for you and the client. Your client draws a winning hand while you maintain good faith and integrity.

Cut Your Hair, Not Your Fees: Go to beauty shop but don't send your commission to the chop shop! Learn how to defend your fees as an agent, listing agent fees and buyer broker fees.  Get the skills to handle multiple objections and explain to clients how fees are assessed. Learn how to legitimately earn fees and review the legal requirements for earning a commission.  Learn what you earn and how to explain it without getting chopped! 

Making Opposites Agree – This is dispute resolution at its finest!  Perfect for managers and brokers but also a great system for the agent on the street.  This discussion takes skills you already have and puts them into a system that will make you the hero in every dispute.  Help the parties determine their own, positive outcome without taking sides.  They win, you win!

Professional Standards Enforcement Training – REALTORS police their own, but how?  This course is all about the procedure of enforcement for NAR’s Code of Ethics.  How to file a complaint and what happens next, what does a Grievance Tribunal/Panel really do, Ombudsman, Mediation, Citations, what happens with a Hearing Panel or Arbitration Panel, Appeals and final decisions are all covered in this detailed training.

Mediation Training – This course is based on NAR’s training for official REALTOR Mediators.  Guests will learn how to formally mediate a dispute between parties.

Ombudsman Training – This course can include setting up your Ombudsman program and will train your volunteers.  Ombudsman services are less formal than traditional mediation and the rules for E&O coverage are slightly different.  Not all mediators make good Ombudsmen and vice versa.  This course will teach you the difference and provide basic and advanced skills for serving as an Ombudsman.

Leadership Insights – We’ll discuss some basics of strong leadership such as styles and drivers.  We also include a panel of respected leaders in the area and have a moderated discussion between those leaders and the attendees.  There are penetrating questions and scenarios built into the course but attendees will also be invited to ask questions.

ABR - Accredited Buyer Representation – The overall goals of the ABR® Designation Course are to:

  • Prepare real estate professionals to thoroughly represent buyer-clients in real estate transactions and provide the quality of service and degree of fidelity to buyers that sellers have customarily enjoyed.

  • Offer ideas and methods for building a buyer-representation business.

  • Develop a self-customized tool for conducting a buyer counseling session.

Upon completing the two-day course and successfully passing the exam, you will have achieved ABR® candidate status, a three-year period during which you must fulfill the educational and experiential requirements to become an ABR® designee.

Generation Buy - ABR Elective – At any given time, today’s real estate professionals may be working with four generations of real estate buyers: Millennials, Generation X, the Baby Boomers, and Matures. This one-day course examines the home buying characteristics of these generations and evaluates their expectations (of agents and of the transaction) as well as communication preferences. As a turnkey resource, participants receive generation-specific marketing tools, networking tips, scripts, and counseling strategies to help formalize agency relationships. 

The Generation Buy course counts as one REBAC elective course to be applied towards the ABR® designation.

New Home Construction - ABR Elective – Solid increases in single-family starts, still historically low interest rates, and high buyer demand point to healthy sales of new-home construction. This one-day course provides buyer’s representatives with the product knowledge and increased confidence to make new-home construction a win-win transaction for buyer-clients.  

The New-Home Construction and Buyer Representation course counts as one REBAC elective course to be applied towards the ABR® designation.

SRS – The premier credential in seller representation. It is designed to elevate your level of service and professional standards. Attendees will build knowledge of various resources and techniques to not only get the listing but to market and sell the listing all on terms designed to serve your clients' needs.